DePuy ASR Claim

DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Claims

DePuy Orthopaedics, a division of the well-known Johnson & Johnson Company, has issued a recall of its ASR hip replacement and implant systems. The ASR Hip Resurfacing System and ASR XL Acetabular Hip System are both part of this hip replacement recall. These two DePuy products have been available since July of 2003, so anyone who has had implant surgery before that date is not affected by the hip recall.

In general, ASR hip implants should last for over a decade. In the case of the ASR hip replacement systems, many people have experienced problems within the first five years of receiving the implant. Over 90,000 people have received one of the DePuy implants, and roughly 12,000 of those recipients may have to undergo a second surgery because of a breakdown of the implant. DePuy representatives have stated that approximately 12-13% of the patients who received each of the ASR implants experienced negative symptoms and required a revision surgery. Because of these numbers, the DePuy recall was put into effect.

The ASR hip replacement system uses metal devices that touch other metal parts. The two metal parts then rub together. This creates small metal pieces that can enter the recipientís bloodstream. This type of metal toxicity can cause serious complications to anyone who has received an ASR implant.

The DePuy company has stated that any individual who underwent hip surgery after July 2003 should determine what type of implant was used. DePuy representatives have indicated that additional testing may be required to determine if the hip implant is working properly. Individuals with the ASR implants will need to be monitored for metal toxicity regardless of whether or not any negative symptoms have been experienced. Symptoms may include severe pain, swelling, and problems with mobility.

Many people who have been affected by the ASR hip replacement recall may need painful and costly surgeries. Although the DePuy company claims that it will cover any reasonable expenses related to the recall, there are some conditions that many people may not wish to agree to. These conditions include having to submit all medical records to DePuy and relinquishing the faulty implant back to the company. Many people feel these are unsatisfactory and unfair terms. This has caused a number of people to initiate a DePuy ASR hip replacement lawsuit to recover damages from the company.

A DePuy lawsuit can ensure that those affected by the implant recall can receive the necessary compensation. Many people believe that the manufacturers of these hip replacement systems failed to give ample and timely warnings about the defects. This lack of information has caused numerous people to initiate DePuy lawsuits.

The ASR hip replacement recall has caused complications for a growing number of people. The company has recently become the subject of countless lawsuits. Anyone who has received a faulty ASR hip implant may be compensated for any out of pocket expenses related to the recall. A DePuy lawsuit lawyer can assist individuals who do not know where to begin and who want to successfully resolve their issues.

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