DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Lawsuit

In August of 2010, DePuy Orthopedics issued a voluntary recall on 93,000 hip implants because of an unusually high failure rate. These hip implants were used both in the United States and abroad. Studies show that approximately 12% of all people who had hip replacement surgery using the ASR XL Acetabular System, used in total hip replacements, were experiencing failure in the first five years after having their hip replacement surgery. Typically, a hip implant lasts the life of the patient and no additional surgery is required.

The reason for the failure of these hip implants is two-fold. First, metal was used in the hip implant and some patients have had severe allergic reactions to the presence of this metal. Second, their is believed to be a design flaw in the actual hip implant which is causing it to fail. Patients who have had hip replacement surgery may experience pain or difficulty walking if their hip implant is failing.

When a failure occurs, it becomes necessary for a patient to have revision surgery. This surgery is both ore complicated and more costly because surgeons don't have the same amount of bone tissue to work with during the revision surgery and the presence of scar tissue makes additional surgery more difficult.

Patients who have undergone hip replacement surgery using the DePuy ASR hip implant may want to consult with their physician regarding their condition. Usually a routine blood test can detect the presence of metal in the blood. High levels of metal in the patient's blood may indicate a possibility of an allergic reaction to the metal in the hip implant. If this condition is not treated, permanent damage can be done to surrounding joints. If the hip implant is otherwise failing, additional tests will alert the surgeon to this condition. As with all medical conditions, patients should first consult with their physician in order to decide upon the best course of care. Even patients who are not currently experiencing any pain or difficulty walking should contact their surgeons in order to have their DePuy hip implant checked for signs of allergic reaction or failure.

Additionally, many patients who were recipients of the ASR hip implant, are choosing to seek the advice of attorneys who are qualified in the area of product liability in order to better understand their rights and options regarding the faulty implant they may have received. Because the revision surgery required is more complicated, costly, and places a burden on the patient who must undergo the additional surgery, a lawyer should be consulted to learn about the possibility of a lawsuit or other legal action that will assist the patient in receiving compensation for the additional medical care that is required.

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