DePuy Hip Problems

The Problem with Depuy Hip Implants

DePuy's artificial hips were meant to be an improvement over older-style prosthesis that used a metal ball and plastic cup. Developers designed the DePuy using chromium and cobalt. It was going to be the perfect hip replacement for younger, active patients to provide years of paint-free mobility.

Then things started going terribly wrong. People began to complain of intense pain and inflammation soon after surgery. People who were otherwise active and healthy began suffering debilitating pain and immobility. Doctors started finding traces of the heavy metals in their patient's blood. The bad news started rolling in to DePuy that their implant device was defective. Evidence began to mount that instead of the boon they had hoped for; their all-metal hips were locking up, breaking down, and causing serious injury and dangerous side effects.

After looking at the statistics, DePuy decided to take the chance and continue to aggressively market their product. DePuy stopped selling the devices in 2009 but still waited eighteen months before warning the public. In August 2010, DePuy came forward with the news that the metal-on metal friction was causing ions of cobalt and chromium to enter the tissue surrounding the hip. From there, it was going into the bloodstream. Besides causing pain, risk factors from blood poisonings could lead to dementia, heart failure, and death. The inflamed tissue around the hip lessened the probability of the body accepting a second replacement prosthesis. Successful surgery was not as likely the second time around.

In the four years the Depuy ASR hip implant was on the market, 93,000 people received the implant. The company estimates that 1 in 7 have already gone through the agony of "revisionary surgery." Not only are these second surgeries expensive, but they mean extra weeks or months away from work. The healing process tends to take longer, because there is less of the original hip bone for surgeons to work with after the first implant.

Anyone who has had a DePuy Hip implant and has suffered as a consequence should see a lawyer about recouping some of what they lost. While Depuy has offered to cover some costs you owe it to yourself to get professional legal advice from an attorney before settling your claim. No amount of money can take away the pain, but it is going to take money to recover from the injury or learn to live with it.

In its recall statement, DePuy has offered to pay "reasonable" costs of monitoring and treatment by victims of defective ASR implants. Anyone who accepts DePuy's settlement offer is forfeiting their right to sue or recover later, even if other problems arise. Depuy is not offering to pay for any lost wages and lost careers or lost quality of life. As such, you should be wary of signing any papers without consulting a lawyer first. You need an experienced Depuy hip attorney who is well versed on the case and knows what is due to you. If you have legal questions about your hip implant you need answered, Contact a Depuy Hip Attorney today.

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