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Depuy hip implants are a popular medical product that was previously available on the worldwide market. However, due to deficiencies, 2 models were recalled in 2010 and now are no longer available.

The problems caused by Depuy hip implants are severe enough for the law of personal injury to be invoked. Following is some relevant and important information on this product and how those affected by it have been seeking legal remedies.

Basic Flaw

The implant suffers from a metal on metal design that results in damage to the patient. It is caused by little metal flakes that are scraped off when the two pieces of metal rub together. Previously, researchers had warned of this type of design as being inferior and posing possible risks to patients. However, the design was still implemented and sold. It has been now determined that the grinding effect results in pieces of metal breaking off inside the body, causing risks of infection, pain, and tissue damage.

Side Effects

There are a variety of documented side effects. The ones listed below are the most common.

  • Severe and mild pain
  • Swelling, both mild and severe
  • Dislocation of the joint at the implant
  • Bone Fractures

Recall and Legal Action

Depuy Orthopedics issued a worldwide recall in 2010 on two models of their implants: the ASR XL Acetabular system and the ASR Hip Resurfacing system. They publicly recognized the deficiencies in these models and are currently in law suits with many of the 93,000 people who received them after 2003. Before that, the company sold a different model.

Currently, there are a number of attorneys and law firms dedicated to Depuy hip replacement lawsuits. Because the recall is so recent, they know that the time to act is now. As time passes after an injury, lawyers know that many factors begin to work against a strong case. One of them is statute of limitations, which can prevent you from recovering from your injuries if you wait too long.

These are time limits placed on those who want to bring a lawsuit. The law states that as soon as the damage is done, the clock starts ticking. When the statute of limitations has passed, the claim may not be filed. Attorneys understand this well and move quickly to protect the rights of clients harmed by defective Depuy implants.

Plaintiffs may be eligible to recover a variety of damages, depending on their specific case. All medical bills reasonably related to the hip implant are covered. In fact, all expenses that are the result of the malfunctioning product are able to be recouped. There are other monetary remedies available as well.

Anyone with a Depuy hip implant issue should contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. This should be a Depuy lawyer that has experience in these specific cases and can properly represent ASR hip implant victims. He or she will meet with you and give you the proper legal advice you need on how to proceed.

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